Let's cut the bullshit - Finally!

    We bring together people and the companies redefining approach to data sharing.

    We bring people with a sense of urgency about putting data to work.

    For those in pain about putting their data into work, this is your event.

    Join us virtually on January 25th.


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    Why should I come?

    Are you a decision-maker in property or construction...

    ...who urgently needs to solve problems with data in your ecosystem

    sooner, not later

    faster, not slower

    efficiently, not expensively

    ...who is fed up with fancy-talking naysayers who want too much time and talk way too much bullshit?

    Then these three hours will be the best way to start 2022.

    You are welcome!

    3 hours that will accelerate your 2022

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    9:00 - 10:00

    The WHY

    Data that isn't moving is worthless. Learn how leaders connect data within their ecosystem faster, better, cheaper. They gain an advantage - so can you.

    • Welcome
      Lars Albäck, CEO, Vastuu Group
    • What was hard is now easy
      Antti Harjunpää, CEO, Platform of Trust

    • People movement is the embodiment of ESG 
      Anna Tiri, Director maintenance business, KONE

    • Launch of ESG train to depart in March 2022

    10:00 - 11:00

    The WHAT

    An industry first: New collaboration to prevent accidents, save lives - perhaps the ultimate collective action problem. Plus: "Low value" data isn't low value anymore.

    • New ways to take action on familiar problems
      Pekka Aalto, Platform of Trust

    • Case YIT: Scalable, easy to use and continuously improving production system with takt planning
      Lauri Tomunen, Development Manager, YIT  &
      Janosch Dlouhy, Lean Construction Specialist, TAKT.ing

    • Low-value data can be valuable for sustainability
      Aku Bragge, Business Unit Manager, Nylund 

    • Busting the myth of difficult cooperation
      Jari Korpisaari, Security and Safety Manager, Jatke &
      Kim Kaskiaro, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT

    11:00 - 12:00

    The HOW

    Introducing Platform of Trust ecosystem technologies.

    Why every ecosystem needs data products and a marketplace.

    • The data value chain, and why it matters more now than ever
      Jarkko Moilanen, Chief Data Officer, Vastuu Group

    • Human Centric Data
      -From Trust to Real Life Adaptation
      Mika Huhtamäki, Deputy CEO, Vastuu Group
    • Panel: Trusted collaboration - What does it take?

    Introducing a new way of working:  Presenting The Train

    • The "better, faster, cheaper" collaborating way of working
    • Ecosystem data sharing for the built environment
    • Cost-effective access to expertise, prototypes
    Special event offer for 15 companies


    Is putting data to work a top priority for you in 2022? Are you tired of jargon around data ecosystems and just want easy to use and continuously improving approach to data sharing? Join us at our No Time to Bullshit where you will learn how to unlock data, create trust and make markets to change for the better future. 

    This virtual event is dedicated to real solutions for the most challenging problems in the built environment. We will reveal concrete cases and forerunner views on how to put data to work.

    Keynotes and speakers

    Janosch Dlouhy
    Since 2013 Janosch Dlouhy has been driving the implementation of Lean Construction, Lean Design and Lean Equipment in the Construction Department of the BMW Group. His master thesis set foundations in Takt Planning and Take Control and was honoured with the AGI Price in Aachen. – Janosch Dlouhy Lean Construction Process Specialist
    YIT Flow Project in practise - Scalable, easy to use and continuously improving production system with takt planning – Lauri Tomunen Development Manager at YIT
    People flow is embodiment of ESG – Anna Tiri Director Maintenance Business at KONE
    Low value data can be valuable for sustainability – Aku Bragge Business Unit Manager at Nylund Group Ab
    What was hard is now easy: Ecosystem is not just a buzzword – Antti Harjunpää CEO at Platform of Trust
    New mindset to the No Time to Bullshit era – Lars Albäck CEO at Vastuu Group
    We'll keep on updating the agenda and speakers all along. Stay tuned!

    It is time to cut the bullshit and start solving problems together! 


    These are uncertain times - but one thing remains: Collective action problems can be solved when data is shared.

    Let us prove that with real-world examples! 

    Make s**t happen with your data. Spend the best 3 hours of 2022 and learn ways to make the most of the data ecosystems and data sharing. We'll help you to identify opportunities and create new business with data.

    Come and join us on 25th of January!

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    In cooperation

    Platform of Trust is a data-sharing ecosystem platform.

    We developed Platform of Trust to help customers solve data sharing and trust challenges that no party can solve alone. We offer a Nordic Flatpack approach to data interoperability, showing clients how they can create data sharing across their ecosystems. Our platform uniquely performs harmonization, data rights compliance and business quality improvement services for companies with data ecosystems. The cost and time savings are significant compared to traditional methods offered by integrators.

    We are the first offering of this type in the world. 

    Platform of Trust is a part of Vastuu Group, the Nordic leader in delivering trust-as-a-service to improve living for all society.

    Vastuu Group's trust services help maintain a level playing field for over 65,000 competitors in the built environment in Finland and Sweden.

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